Membership groups cover a wide range of topics. When you sign up for Union membership, you can select any number of groups you wish to join. You will receive updates from them and be able to participate in their activities.

If you feel there is a lack of coverage for a lung health related issue, you may wish to propose your own working group to fill this void. There is an application process and the Union will discuss your proposal internally. If approved, you will be able to start the group and invite Union members to join.

Yes, every member can have online journal access to our journal. Instructions on how to get access is here: https://services.theunion.org/membership/ijtld

If you are already a member, you need to make sure you register for our conference using the same email address as your membership. When you register for our conference, the reduced member's rate should automatically appear. If you want to use a different email address to register for the conference, you will need to inform the membership department.

Yes, you can change your details in your account by clicking on the Membership Profile menu item. You can also email membership@theunion.org

Yes, a member can often receive discounts for a Union course. When signing up for a Union course, please inform the Training and Education department that you are a Union member.

Yes, just select the webinars option under the main menu: About Union Membership

You can find your membership number in the Membership Profile menu. Your membership number is also on your receipt after you make a payment. You can also email membership@theunion.org

Yes, any webinars hosted by any of our many scientific sections, working groups, or regional groups are free of charge and all members are able to attend.

Our Board of Directors are chosen from our membership and voted on by our members. When there are vacancies on our Board, we inform all Union members and ask for applications for the available positions. We then allow the general membership to vote on the applications and choose who serves on the Board. This is also the process for the leadership committees of our membership groups.

All members are invited to watch and participate in our General Assembly. Members will also have the opportunity to vote on resolutions proposed by the Union Board.

We have an initiative where members can donate memberships to those who may struggle to get their own membership. These donated memberships are available for those 35 and under and there is an application process. For more information, please contact membership@theunion.org

Definitely! There are a few ways members and non-members can donate to the Union. Firstly, when registering for membership, there is an opportunity to add a donation. Simply enter how much you would like to donate, and the amount will be added to your total. At the same time, there is also a opportunity to donate a student membership to someone who might struggle to afford their own. Student memberships are €25 and you can add as many student memberships as you want.

If a non-member wishes to make a donation to the Union, please get in touch on membership@theunion.org

No, we do not issue membership cards. We issue a receipt via email with each membership payment.

Previously, we allowed multi year memberships when registering for membership. However, we have removed this from our online sign up forms. If anyone wishes to make a multiyear payment (paying for membership in advance) then please get in touch on membership@theunion.org

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can just let it expire at the end of the year and not renew, or you can get in touch on membership@theunion.org.

Cancellation policy for new individual memberships: Notice must be received within 14 days of joining. After the 14 day period, no partial refunds will be given for memberships cancelled before expiration. Cancellation requests must be emailed to membership@theunion.org. If a member has accessed our online journals or received a membership discount on Union events or training, no refund is possible at any point.